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Carlos Soto-Román

Carlos Soto-Román is a poet and translator. A former resident of Philadelphia, PA he now hails from Santiago, Chile. He has published in Chile: La Marcha de los Quiltros (1999), Haikú Minero (2007), Cambio y Fuera (2009), and in the US: Philadelphia’s Notebooks (Otoliths, 2011), Chile Project: [Re-classified] (Gauss-PDF, 2013), Alternative Set of Procedures (Corollary Press, 2014) and The Exit Strategy (Belladonna, 2014). As a translator he published an expanded Spanish edition of Do or DIY (Das Kapital, 2013), a collective essay written by Craig Dworkin, Simon Morris, and Nick Thurston, and recently, a translation of Ron Silliman’s BART (Cuadro de Tiza, 2004). He is the curator of the cooperative anthology of contemporary US poetry Elective Affinities.